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Research project: AHRC Acheulian Biface project - Dormant - Dormant

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The Acheulian represents the first truly global scale occupation of the old world by hominids. This projects aims to investigate the nature of this occupation by considering its most distinctive aspect, the manufacture of handaxes and cleavers. As such it is based partly on the pioneering work on bifaces undertaken by Derek Roe in the 1960s and more recently at Olduvai.

By applying Derek Roe's methods as well as a number of novel techniques made possible by the use of digital photography, the project aims to develop a better understanding of the Acheulian world. Directed by Professors Clive Gamble and Derek Roe, research is undertaken by Doctor Gilbert Marshall and Miss Vicky Elefanti.

The aim of the project is to investigate the Acheulian world at the continental scale, and in particular to document changes in artefact form and raw material use when set against a simple latitudinal model of ecological productivity. Research has been undertaken on collections from England, Morocco, Tanzania and South Africa. These regions were chosen on the basis of the number of assemblages available for study as well as diversity in raw materials and site location.

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