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Research project: Clausentum survey - Dormant - Dormant

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A geophysical and topographic survey was carried out at the site of Clausentum, located at Bitterne Manor, Southampton to investigate the location and extent of the Roman settlement situated on a peninsular of land which projects into the River Itchen.

The geophysics were complimented by a close contour topographic survey of the area, designed to assist in the interpretation of the geophysical survey results, and provide essential indications of the subtle changes in topography across the site.

The remains of the Roman settlement of Clausentum are situated at Bitterne, on a bend in the river Itchen. Although the area is now heavily built up, some traces of the Roman and medieval settlement on the site are visible. The main part of the Roman settlement was situated on the peninsular, defended by two fosse ditches.

The results of the survey show a number of archaeological features that all appear to be associated with the Roman settlement and its defences. Remains of a substantial river frontage associated with a jetty or bridge were detected along the original shoreline, and the possible remains of a substantial stone wall were also identified. Whether there is a gateway and road associated with these defences remains unclear. The ephemeral nature of many of the structural features is due to the small size and fragmented nature of the survey area.

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