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The University of Southampton
ArchaeologyPart of Humanities

Research project: From Lucy to Language: the archaeology of the social brain (Funded by the British Academy Centenary Project) 2004-2011

Currently Active: 

A full account of this project was published in May this year Clive Gamble, John Gowlett and Robin Dunbar (2014) Thinking Big: how the evolution of social life shaped the human mind London and New York: Thames and Hudson

Research Staff

Quentin Atkinson
Max Burton
Margaret Clegg
Fiona Coward
Oliver Curry
Matt Grove
Jane Hallos
Stephen Lycett
Julia Lehmann
Anna Machin
Natalie Uomini
Mandy Korstjens
Sam Roberts

Research Assistants

Anna Frangou
Peter Morgan

Research Students

Katherine Andrews
Isabel Behncke
Caroline Bettridge
Peter Bond,
Vicky Bran
Lisa Cashmore
James Cole
Richard Davies
Hannah Fluck
Babis Garefalakis
Iris Glaesslein
Matt Grove
Charlie Hardy
Wendy Iredale
Minna Lyons,
Marc Mehu
Dora Moutsiou
Emma Nelson
Adam Newton
Kit Opie
Ellie Pearce
Phil Purslow
Yvan Russell
Andy Shuttleworth
Natalie Uomini.

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