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Research project: IBERENCLOGIS

Currently Active: 

IBERENCLOGIS will investigate southern Iberian Ditched Enclosures sites of the fourth millennium BC.  The project aims to establish whether different walled and ditched sites may have similar or different functions or meanings, and how Iberian enclosures relate to other traditions of monumental enclosure construction in other parts of Europe. It is conducted by Dr David Wheatley and Dr Victor Jiminez Jaimez.

The sites under investigation have been considered analogous to later third millennium walled sites and interpreted them both as 'fortified settlements': permanently inhabited centres with robust defensive systems composed of either walls or ditches. Some of them (including Valencina de la Concepción, near Seville) are of such exceptional size that they are among the largest prehistoric sites in Europe. The project will collate and systematise the data using a spatial database, conduct comparative analysis between walled and ditched sites and compare this group of sites with similar sites from France, Southern Britain and elsewhere in Europe.

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