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Research project: Nevada peace camp - Dormant - Dormant

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Schofield describes the work as "the archaeology of opposition", or "how the anti-nuclear movement will be represented in the record". The archaeology consists of the peace camp (a phrase coined in 1986), an area near the Nevada Test Site in America, where nuclear weapons have left visible scars across the landscape.

The peace camp, that is still home to a thriving community today for anti-US nuclear weapons research activists, has provided an arena for a varied community of anti-nuclear activists.

Schofield, alongside archaeologists from the Desert Research Institute, recorded artefacts at the peace camp; noting graffiti left by the many visitors to the site, and the many features in the landscape that have been made during the many years that the camp has been inhabited.

Schofield commented: "If we don't record it now, it will all be gone and no one will know how the anti-nuclear activists left their mark on the landscape."

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