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Research project: Noviodunum archaeological project - Dormant - Dormant

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The Noviodunum archaeological project is directed by Kris Lockyear (London), Adrian Popescu (Cambridge) and Timothy Sly (Southampton). Noviodunum lies on the river Danube in Romania, near Isaccea, Tulcea. It lies on the last easy crossing point of the river before it starts to braid to form the Danube delta.

It was an important strategic point: defences from the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, 19th and 20th century are all visible.

During the Roman period it was the base of the lower Danube fleet, the Classis Flavia Moesica, and in the fourth century the commander of the Legio I Iovia was stationed here. The site is mentioned in the Notitia Dignitatum and by Ammianus Marcellinus, as well as other sources. Around the important military base was a sizable civilian settlement. The roads which run south from the site are lined with tumuli, some of which have been excavated revealing sarcophagi, marble statues etc attesting to the wealth and importance of the site. The project is one of our ongoing fieldwork projects, and we take undergraduate students to the site each year.

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