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Research project: Pompeii Project: Urban development in Pompeii: a case study of Insula 9 of Regio I

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The unique archaeological remains of Pompeii provide us with some of the most valuable evidence of Roman urbanism. In the past, work in Pompeii has focused on the moment immediately prior to the eruption but more recently, studies have concentrated on chronicling the development of the city through time.

The analysis of standing structures can provide a chronological sequence of the construction and modification of buildings over time. Building surveys undertaken in Pompeii have often lacked a methodical and scientific approach. By applying stratigraphic analysis to the study of standing structures a coherent and unprejudiced history of buildings can be established. Pompeii is the perfect site for implementing this type of innovative analysis due to the outstanding preservation of the standing remains.

The project aims to create and apply such an approach to study a group of houses in Pompeii and then consider the methodological aspects of the scientific approach adopted. In proposing conclusions about the chronological development of these houses the aim is to set the results within the context of broader considerations about urban development in Pompeii and other Roman towns.

This research builds on studies undertaken in connection the collaborative project of The British School at Rome and The University of Reading on 'Urban Development in Pompeii: a case study of Insula 9 of Regio I'. One characteristic of this project has been to combine approaches to urban development based on study of standing structures with those based on stratigraphic excavation of sub-floor levels.

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