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Research project: Portchester Castle survey project - Dormant - Dormant

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The Portchester Castle survey project was established as a collaboration between the University of Southampton and English Heritage to produce a new survey of the castle and its immediate surroundings.

Although the site has been the subject of much archaeological and historical interpretation, forming the focus of excavations by Barry Cunliffe between 1957 and 1972, many areas of the castle interior and areas outside of the main walled defences have not been studied in detail.

In an effort to understand the development of Portchester Castle, a research project has been initiated. The aim of the survey is to discover more about the past habitation of the castle and use of the landscape in the surrounding area. This relates in particular to the palimpest of material located within the extant walls of the Roman fort, and the area around the outer defences that cut off the castle and peninsular from the rest of the mainland. To this end, an integrated survey methodology has been established, that incorporates topographic survey, and techniques of geophysical survey, to locate and map the extent of archaeological material in the study area. Results of the survey will be used along with existing evidence to provide a new interpretive display for the phases of occupation at the site. This will be derived from the new archaeological evidence and existing historical records.

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