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Research project: Public architecture in Roman Britain - Dormant - Dormant

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Roman public buildings in Britain have tended to be seen as the poor relation of those elsewhere in the provinces due to their lack of elaboration in antiquity and the absence of standing remains in the present time.

Many examples were subjects of antiquarian excavation, and are imperfectly known from more recent synopses. This project aims to re-evaluate the results of previous fieldwork, and to look at the public buildings of the province as a single group. Methodological issues focus on issues of interpreting complex buildings from archaeological evidence, and the reintegration of moveable decoration such as statues and inscriptions.

Work so far has concentrated on the forum basilica, reappraising the existing evidence and looking at the way the internal decoration highlighted the areas connected with the political activity of imperial and local magistrates. It has proved possible to reconstruct something of the general placement of statues, both in stone and bronze, and inscriptions, demonstrating that the public space of the forum was more used for display than previously supposed.

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