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Research project: Teano survey project, Campania, Italy

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Teano is located some 30km to the north west of Caserta, approximately 5km from the junction of the A1 Autostrada at Caianello. The town is situated on a rock outcrop on the south eastern slopes of the extinct volcano of Roccamonfina, at the point where the mountain range drops away into the plain of Naples. The town commands views of the mountain range to the north and the east, and across the plain towards the course of the River Volturno and the Bay of Naples, some 50km distant. Work here was carried out on behalf of the Soprintendenza Archeoogica di Napoli e Caserta.

The town of Teanum Sidicinum was founded in the fourth century BC, at a major point of communication between the valleys of Southern Lazio and the Plain of Campania (Soprintendenza Archeologica per le province di Napoli e Caserta). It was a major centre of the Sidicini, the people who populated the slopes of Roccamonfina.

The survey was carried out with the aim of locating and mapping the remains of sub-surface archaeological features in the vicinity of the Roman theatre at Teano. It was of particular importance for the Soprindendenza to assess the buried archaeological deposits in the areas immediately in front of the Roman theatre and on the terrace to the north. The area near the sanctuary of Loreto was defined as a tertiary objective once the technique had proved effective in the other two areas. The results were successful in locating a number of features associated with the theatre, and extensive evidence for Roman settlement on the terrace of Loreto.

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