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Research project: The Greenham project - Dormant - Dormant

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Greenham Common, West Berkshire, England has an illustrious but controversial past, having served as a Royal Air Force base in World War II, and an American Cold War airbase for much of the Cold War. Ground-launched cruise missiles were deployed here in the 1980s and the Ground-launched cruise missiles Alert and Maintenance Area (or GAMA) was built for that purpose. Although the subject of protest before their deployment, the presence of cruise missiles was the justification for a more intense and sustained period of opposition, a period in which various peace camps were established around the base.

The Greenham project

Common Ground is a research group that has the aim of exploring the archaeology of opposition through a community-based programme. Our aim is to engage a selection of those involved in or affected by Greenham's Cold War heritage, and to research both the site and changing perceptions of it through archaological survey, interview and ultimately artistic intervention.

The Common Ground Research Group aims to produce materials reflective of its diverse composition: archaeological reports, site maps and artefact analyses, interviews with women who were involved with Greenham, and analysis of these interviews, photographs, videos and other artistic components.

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