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Research project: Uhy excavation project - Dormant - Dormant

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The Uhy excavation project is a collaborative research project led by Dr Joanna Sofaer (University of Southampton) and Mgr Jan Turek (University of Western Bohemia, Pilsen), in cooperation with the Institute of Archaeology, Prague.

The site was discovered in 1993 by Dr Martin Gojda (Institute of Archaeology, Prague) during his aerial photography survey of Bohemia. It was first recognised as a cluster of three circular and one semi-rectangular ditches, of which two had clearly defined central pits.

Excavation at the site has revealed a further ring ditch, a unique mortuary sequence and number of additional features hitherto unknown in Central Bohemia, including a ring of post holes inside the ditch, a four post structure between the ditches with cremations deposited within the post holes, and isolated cremations deposited in spaces between the main features, revealing the site to be a larger cemetery than originally anticipated. Each of the circular ditches was found to have an east-facing entrance. Pottery found within the circular ditches at Uhy is of Early Bronze Age form. The rectangular ditch contained two closely set central oval pits, one of which held a La Tene A cremation.

The cemetery at Uhy is of significant importance for understanding Bronze and Iron Age mortuary practice in central Europe. A dating project is currently underway to date the burials within the sequence and the features with which they are associated in order to provide a framework for the interpretation of the site.

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