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Research project: Zooarchaeology: Animals and human societies in the prehistoric and early historic Aegean - Dormant - Dormant

Currently Active: 

This project involves the study of animal bones from a number of Aegean sites, such as Zoniana Cave, Zominthos (Crete), Galatas, Ag Konstantinos (Peloponnese), Panakton (Boeotia), and Theopetra Cave (Thessaly).

The sites range from the Early Neolithic to the Medieval periods. Issues which have been explored include: humans and Pleistocene fauna in prehistoric Crete; animal exploitation and use, hunting in farming societies as cosmological and ideological strategy, the meaning and significance of animal sacrifice in the Bronze Age, and the role of animals in food consumption and feasting. The zooarchaeological approach adopted attempts to go beyond environmental and economic determinism, to integrate zooarchaeological methodologies with social theory and material culture studies.

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