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The University of Southampton
Special Collections

Regulations for copying, photography, quotation and publication from the collections

1. Copies and photographs of many items in the collections can be supplied. For curatorial reasons, all copying and photography is done by members of staff, not by readers, except as outlined in 6. below.

2. Copies and photographs are supplied only for private research and study. They are not supplied for publication or for the purposes of commercial research unless the prior written agreement of the University of Southampton Library has been obtained and no infraction of copyright will result. No more than one copy of each item will be supplied, provided no copy has previously been obtained from another institution.

3. No publication right is vested in any researcher through the supply of a copy of a document in any medium. All publication right is reserved.

4. Documents and books will be copied and objects photographed only if no damage to the original will result. For this reason, no scans can be made from bound material, although this may be available for photography.

5. No copying is done on the spot: an estimate will be supplied and the work will be carried out on payment, in strict order. 

6. No private photography of documents and books is permitted. Where there has been prior application and agreement, working photographs of objects may be made: curatorial staff are required to supervise the process. Commercial tariffs for filming are available on application.

7. Some sections of the collections, including recent private correspondence, may not be copied at all. Library staff will advise you.

8. The prior written approval of the Librarian is required for all publications quoting from or reproducing material in the Special Collections. While as liberal an approach as possible is adopted, some of the collections remain private property and the permission of the owners for publication must be sought through the Librarian. Copyright clearance is also required in many instances.

9. Where publication is concerned, the Library may charge a reproduction fee in addition to the costs of supplying copies. Readers should note that owners of items in the collections and/or copyright owners may also require payment for licences for reproduction. Library staff will advise you.

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