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The Mountbatten Papers Database

About the Mountbatten Papers

Image of Lord Mountbatten
Image of Lord Mountbatten

The papers of the late Louis, Earl Mountbatten of Burma, and Edwina, Countess Mountbatten of Burma, form part of University of Southampton Library MS62, the Broadlands archives. The Mountbatten Papers are an archive of the first importance for the study of much of the twentieth century and they are also a collection of considerable size, containing approximately 250,000 papers, 50,000 photographs and quantities of recordings on audio-tape, film and video-tape. This includes the 907 files of papers and 68 photograph albums of Edwina Mountbatten (nee Ashley), later Countess Mountbatten of Burma, 1923-60, with papers as Vicereine of India, 1947 (MB1/P-R, MB2/K-M), and c. 4,000 files of papers of Earl Mountbatten of Burma, c. 1900-79.

A separate summary catalogue of the papers of Earl Mountbatten of Burma has been published (L.M.Mitchell, K.J.Sampson, C.M.Woolgar (eds.) A Summary Catalogue of the Papers of Earl Mountbatten of Burma (University of Southampton Library, occasional paper 9; 1991)). This summary catalogue is available as part of the Epexio Archive Catalogue , together with detailed catalogue descriptions of sections of the archive. The detailed catalogue descriptions that are currently available in the Epexio Archive Catalogue concentrate on material material from MB1/C and MB1/D, relating to Earl Mountbatten of Burma as Supreme Allied Commander South East Asia and as the last Viceroy and first Governor General of India respectively. This is complemented by descriptions of sequences of the photograph albums.  The Archive Catalogue supersedes all other catalogues, including the Mountbatten Papers Database.

Further information is available on the arrangement of the Database and sorting codes used in the cataloguing process.

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All descriptions previously available through the Mountbatten Papers Database can now be accessed using our Archive Catalogue: this catalogue supersedes the Database

Structure of Data

Find out more about the arrangement of the database and the format of the catalogue descriptions.

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