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MS 128 Papers of Carl Stettauer

Carl Stettauer

Carl Stettauer (1859-1913) visited Russia in 1905 to organise relief work after the pogroms against Jewish people. His papers are arranged in six portfolios.

About the collection

(i) Newspaper cuttings, photographs, correspondence, mainly 1905-6: volume of newspaper cuttings from British, American and Jewish press, 1906; volume of accounts relating to sundry commissions for the relief of distress caused by pogroms; report of the Guildhall meeting held to protest against treatment of Jews in Russia, 10 Dec 1890; resolutions and report of a similar meeting at the Queen's Hall; letter from Sir Samuel Montagu to Oscar Strauss, explaining his differences with Zionism, 19 Jan 1906; letters to Stettauer; photographs of Kiev after the pogrom, showing bodies, buildings looted and destroyed and the `black hundreds' marching

(ii) Pogroms I: eyewitness accounts of the pogroms in Novozybkov, Bryansk, Siedlce, Gomel and other Russian towns, reports, letters, petitions, papers on the Jews in Russia, legal disabilities and Jewish military service in Vilna, all in German, 1880-1905

(iii) Pogroms II: eyewitness accounts and reports on the pogroms in Kiev, Novozybkov, Bogopol, Jegoriewsk, Losowaja-Pavlovsk, Rostov, Wiasma, Siedlce, Nomel and Bialystok, all in German, 1905-6

(iv) Literature: printed reports and papers, including an extract from the report to the Russo-Jewish Committee by C.Stettauer, 8 Jan 1906

(v) Letters and accounts: reports of committees, 1905-7, and a list, in English, German and Russian, of places and numbers of people affected by the pogroms and the amount of damage incurred, 1905-7

(vi) Reports: diary of the journey to Russia of Jack M.Myers, honorary secretary of the commission administering the fund for the relief of the families of the victims of the pogroms, 1905; letter book of Carl Stettauer, mainly letters written while in Germany and Russia to Sir Samuel Montagu, President and Treasurer of the Russo-Jewish Committee, 1905; report of D.Feinberg, Dr Paul Nathan and Carl Stettauer on their journey to Russia, 1905; draft letter from Carl Stettauer to Israel Zangwill explaining the causes of his resistance to the Jewish territorial organisation; papers relating to Stettauer's visit to Russia, 1906-7, report of the Berlin Hilfsverein Pogrom Commission and papers relating to the Frankfurt conference of Jan 1906, with other papers of the Russo-Jewish Committee.

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