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MS 2 Small collections of manuscripts acquired by the Hartley Institution

The library and museum of the Hartley Institution were presented with manuscript collections from a number of sources, many to do with Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, others reflecting an eclectic view of 'curiosities' that could be acquired in a seaport. Where it is has been possible to reconstitute the original collections, that has been done and these materials have separate numbers in the sequence of manuscripts. There remained a small group of material, mainly single items, which were acquired by the Hartley Institution, and these have been grouped together to form MS 2.

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5 boxes and 1 map

MS 2/1 Volume of accounts of the wardens of the guild of the Holy Ghost, Basingstoke, 1557-1655, published as The Book of accounts of the Wardens of the Fraternity of the Holy Ghost in Basingstoke ed. W.L.Nash, with an introduction by J.E.Millard (Reading, 1882). The guild maintained a school that was the precursor of Basingstoke Grammar School. A further leaf from the volume was in the custody of the trustees of the Queen's School, Basingstoke, in 1882.

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MS 2/2 Map of Southampton, c.1560x1600, reproduced for the Southampton Record Series in 1964 and described in E.Welch Southampton maps from Elizabethan times: an introduction to 24 facsimiles (Southampton Record Series, 9; 1964) pp. 1-2.

MS 2/3 Sir Henry Charles Englefield, seventh Baronet A walk through Southampton (T.Baker, Southampton, 1801), interleaved, with Englefield's manuscript additions for the second edition

These are inserted as notes, not incorporated in the main text. The advertisement for the second edition is also inserted, and the text is preceded by three letters from Englefield to Baker, the printer, containing later additions. There are occasional notes by the printer in the text and a few other additions. At the beginning are three pages of manuscript in an unknown hand, containing a quotation possibly from Stukeley's Itinerarium Curiosum (1724).

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MS 2/4 Minute book of the Commissioners of the Southampton Waterworks Revision Committee, 1848

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MS 2/5 Two volumes containing local acts of Parliament and other printed papers relating to Southampton, c.1830-c.1860; manuscript papers relating to Southampton waterworks and papers relating to the Corporation of Southampton, 1852-6; correspondence of Edward Palk, alderman of Southampton, relating to poor law administration and other official business, c.1850-c.1860

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MS 2/6 A volume containing copies of the letters for the jury in the Tichborne case, n.d. 1870s

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MS 2/7 Assorted papers relating to Hampshire, geology and forestry, 1881-8

Lithograph of a memorial to the Privy Council about the geological survey of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, post 1881; lithograph of a memorial to the Privy Council asking for the proposed national school of forestry to be located in Hampshire, 1888; two copies of a lithograph 'Statement of Her Majesty's Postmaster General in favour of Southampton as a mail packet station', 15 Jan 1884; five letters to T.W.Shore about an improved geological survey of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, 1884-5; letter from W.Workman to T.W.Shore about prints of Basing House, 24 Feb 1885, and printed maps of Hampshire. [Notebooks of T.W.Shore, some on geological matters, are in the archives of the Hampshire Field Club, 44/1-13, in the HRO].

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AO226, part of AO167 and LF 780 UNI 1/51/31

MS 2/8 Notice giving the 'Result of an analysis of twelve specimens of water, made by direction of the commissioners of the Southampton waterworks', 15 January 1835

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