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MS 219 Volumes from a hebarium, containing pressed flowers and plants

Eight volumes, from an original eleven, of a herbarium, containing pressed flowers and plants, mainly collected from Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Hertfordshire, with specimens from elsewhere in the south of England and occasional examples from Scotland and Ireland.

The volumes contain plants collected and mounted by Emma Delme Radcliffe, daughter of John H.Waddington of Shawford House, near Winchester, who married Frederick P.Delme Radcliffe of Hitchin Priory, Herts., in 1831. The plants were gathered principally in 1837, 1838, 1839 and 1840, although some specimens were obtained as late as 1852. Almost all were gathered by Mrs Delme Radcliffe, although a few specimens came from other herbaria. The specimens were then mounted by Mrs Radcliffe on single sheets of paper, giving their Linnaean class and order, their Latin names (according to the Natural system of classification) and common English names, together with a location and, in many cases, a date. The collection was arranged in the volumes later in the nineteenth century, possibly as late as the 1880s.

The contents of the volumes are arranged by their Linnaean classification:

Volume 1: (Classes 1 to 5) Monandria Monogynia, Diandria Monogynia, Triandria Monogynia, Tetrandria Monogynia and Tetragynia, Pentandria Monogynia

Volume 2: (Class 5) Pentandria Monogynia and Digynia

Volume 3: (Classes 5 to 8) Pentandria Digynia, Trigynia, Tetragynia, Pentagynia and Hexagynia; Hexandria Trigynia and Polygynia; Heptandria Monogynia; Octandria Monogynia and Trigynia

Volume 4: (Classes 8 to 12) Octandria Trigynia and Tetragynia; Enneandria Hexagynia; Decandria Monogynia, Digynia, Trigynia and Pentagynia; Dodecandria Monogynia, Digynia, Trigynia and Dodecagynia; Icosandria Monogynia, Pentagynia and Polygynia

Volume 5: (Classes 13, 14 and 15) Polyandria Monogynia, Pentagynia and Polygynia; Didynamia Gymnospermia and Angiospermia; Tetradynamia Siliculosa

Volume 6: (Classes 15, 16, 17 and 18) Tetradynamia Siliculosa and Siliquosa; Monodelphia Siliquosa, Pentandria, Hexandria, Decandria and Polyandria; Diadelphia Hexandria, Octandria and Decandria; Polydelphia Polyandria

Volume 7: (Classes 19 and 20) Syngenesia Equalis, Superflua and Frustranea; Gynandria Monandria and Diandria

Volume 8: (Classes 2 and 3) Gramineae: Diandria Digynia; Triandria Monogynia and Digynia

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8 volumes

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