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MS 286 Drawings by or after L.Cambiaso

Luca Cambiaso

Luca Cambiaso (1527-85) was born in Genoa and his initially worked with his father, Giovanni (1495-1579), a painter.  Luca Cambiaso had a tremendous facility for drawing, which was widely imitated in Genoa.  He went to Spain in 1567 to work for Philip II, particulary on the Escorial, and was appointed his court painter in 1583.  He continued to work in Italy.

About the collection

Seventeen drawings by Luca Cambiaso or after his style, mainly of the evangelists, prophets or female sibyls sitting on clouds, but with some other subjects, one probably of the Death of Adonis, mid-sixteenth century.  B.Suida Manning and W.Suida Luca Cambiaso: la vita e le opere (Milan, 1958) illustrates analogous material.

These drawings had entered the collections of the Hartley Institution in 1879, as recorded in MS 1/1/13 pp. 182, 188-9.  Some of them may, to judge from the paper of some of the backings, have been in French collections in the eighteenth century.

Date range:

Mid-sixteenth century

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