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MS 349 Papers of Asenath Petrie

Asenath Petrie

Dr Asenath Petrie (1914-2001) was the daughter of Rabbi Avigdor Schonfeld and the sister of Rabbi Solomon Schonfeld. She trained as a psychologist and wrote extensively on this subject. Asenath Petrie also was a published poet and the author of Rerooted in Jerusalem an autobiographical diary. She moved to Israel in 1973 and died in January 2001.

About the collection

The archive contains series of personal and family papers, material relating to Asenath Petrie’s poetry and writings and to her career as a psychologist. The personal and family papers include: correspondence with members of or relating to the Schonfeld family, 1979-2000, correspondence with Dr Ernest Petrie and members of the Petrie family, 1971-95; papers relating to the estate of her mother Rachel Leah Schonfeld, 1962-87. A second parallel but smaller series of general correspondence covers the period 1961-96. Within the collection are drafts of poetry and text for short articles, 1975-91, correspondence relating to poetry and other writings, 1974-2000, and reviews of publications, 1967-2003. For Asenath Petrie’s career and work as a psychologist, there are files on her research posts, 1957-77, and a series of correspondence, 1954-99: including with Professor P.J.Huntingford, St Mary’s Hospital Medical School, London, 1970-1; Dr Sandra Indzers, 1968-77; Dr Pavel Krabec, 1974-95; with Psychological Reports, 1964, 1974-82; with the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, 1965, 1968-76. Asenath Petrie wrote numerous articles on the management of pain, copies of which are found in the collection, together with research material and copies of articles by others.

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