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MS 44 Letters to the Prince of Salm-Kirburg

Four letters to Karl Otto Theodor, Prince of Salm-Kirburg, imperial general and Chancellor to Emperor Joseph I of Germany. The letters are from (i) the Duc de Guise, Paris, to Salm-Kirburg, regretting his lack of success in his friend's cause, but promising his continued support, 6 June 1657 (MS 44/1) (ii) James II, King of England, Windsor, to Salm-Kirburg, thanking him for his congratulations on the birth of [James Edward], the Old Pretender, 15 August 1688 (MS 44/2) (iii) `Charles III', so- called King of Spain, Barcelona, to Salm-Kirburg, on dynastic matters, mentioning the Princess Isabel Christina of Brunswick- Wolfenbttel, to whom he was betrothed, 24 August 1707 (MS 44/3) (iv) the Duke of Marlborough, Meldert, to Salm-Kirburg, commending Sunderland (Marlborough's son-in-law) as devoted to the (German) emperor and likely, with Salm-Kirburg's help, to settle the Hungarian difficulties, 3 August 1708 (MS 44/4). There is a further letter from Joseph, Archduke of Austria, Vienna, to his tutor, about shooting, 9 April 1686 (MS 44/5).

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