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Broadlands Archives BR1-50

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BR1  Sir William Temple (7 letter books)  1674-81

BR1a  St Barbe family papers  1646-1733

BR2  First Viscount Palmerston: account books, with later additions by W.W.Ashley  1701-61, 1915-16

BR3  First Viscount Palmerston family papers  1707-57

BR4  First Viscount Palmerston family and business papers  1695-1757

BR5  Sir John Temple and family correspondence  1666-99

BR6  Elizabeth Temple and Frances Temple (daughters of second Viscount Palmerston): correspondence  1801-38

BR7  Temple family papers: Sir William (d. 1626), Sir William (d.1699), Sir John (d. 1677), Lucy (d. 1733) Henry (d. post 1692), Catherine (d. 1694), Frances and Elizabeth (daughters of second Viscount Palmerston), Mary, Sir John (d. 1706), John (d. 1752), Henrietta (widow of Richard Temple, third son of first Viscount Palmerston) Temple pedigree 1623-1808  sixteenth-nineteenth centuries

BR7a  Sir John Temple: book of accounts  1666-1703

BR8  Anne Houlbon, first Viscountess Palmerston (d.1735): will  1726-35, 1803

BR9  Houlbon and Hubert family papers  1706-24, n.d., 1866, 1915-16

BR10  Henry Temple (father of the second Viscount Palmerston) and his wife Elizabeth  1740-81

BR11  Second Viscount Palmerston: correspondence  1761-1801

BR12  Second Viscount Palmerston  1743-1802

BR13  Second Viscount Palmerston: travel journals and notebooks concerning Italy  1791-1800

BR13a  Second Viscount Palmerston: engagement diaries  1765-84

BR13aa  Second Viscount Palmerston: correspondence  1762-1801

BR14  Second Viscount Palmerston: engagement diaries  1785-92, 1795, 1800-2

BR15  Second Viscount Palmerston: travel journals  1760-92

BR16  Second Viscount Palmerston: correspondence with and concerning his first wife, Frances Poole  c.1750-69, 1794

BR17  Frances Poole, Viscountess Palmerston (first wife of second Viscount)  1746-69

BR18  Mary Mee, Viscountess Palmerston (second wife of second Viscount)  1786-1804

BR19  Mary Mee, Viscountess Palmerston: correspondence, including letter to Godschall  1778-1804

BR20  Second Viscount Palmerston: correspondence to Mary Mee, his second wife  1782-1801

BR21  Mary Mee, Viscountess Palmerston: correspondence to her son Henry, later third Viscount Palmerston  1792-1804

BR22(i)  Third Viscount Palmerston: correspondence  1793-1868, 1934

BR22(ii)  Third Viscount Palmerston: correspondence  1789-1866

BR22a  Third Viscount Palmerston: early correspondence by and concerning him  1783-1808

BR23  Third Viscount Palmerston: political correspondence  1806-69

BR23a  Third Viscount Palmerston: travel journals  1800, 1803, 1815-18

BR23aa  Third Viscount Palmerston: correspondence  1800-65

BR24  Third Viscount Palmerston: correspondence  1798-1823

BR25  Third Viscount Palmerston: correspondence  1808-69

BR26  Third Viscount Palmerston: social and general correspondence  1826-69

BR27  Third Viscount Palmerston: patents, addresses  1830-63

BR28  Emily, Viscountess Palmerston (formerly Countess Cowper)  1837-78

BR29  Emily, Viscountess Palmerston: correspondence to and from her brother Frederick Lamb, later Baron Beauvale; correspondence to Lamb from his father, first Viscount Melbourne  1817-52

BR30  Emily, Viscountess Palmerston: correspondence with her brother, Frederick Lamb, later Baron Beauvale, her husband, third Viscount Palmerston, her brother-in-law, Sir William Temple, and Lady Harriet Ashley  1820-65

BR31  Sir William Temple, brother of third Viscount Palmerston: correspondence concerning his estate  1856

BR32  Sir William Temple: correspondence  1794-1877 [not complete]

BR33  William Cowper and his wife: correspondence  1833-68

BR34  Cowper family: E.Cowper, E.S.Cowper, Mary Cowper and C.Spencer Cowper  1723-1846

BR35  Ashley family, Earls of Shaftesbury: family correspondence  1806-85

BR36  Ashley family, Earls of Shaftesbury: correspondence of seventh Earl of Shaftesbury and his wife and family, including with Emily, Viscountess Palmerston  1829-77

BR37  Ashley family, Earls of Shaftesbury  1721, 1852-85

BR38  Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury: volume containing his manuscript commentary on the Book of Isaiah  n.d.

BR39  Family papers: Berkeley, Baron Stratton, Mountbatten, Pelham, Petty, Seymour, Portland, Castledurrow and Giffard  1685-1952

BR40  Family papers: Ward, Marquis of Westminster, Count de Sely, Dingley, Scarsdale and Portland  1704-1867

BR41  Family papers: Berkeley, Cassan, Cassels, Cecil, Dingley, Farquhar, Hastings, Malmesbury, Marlborough, Molyneux  1720-1909

BR42  Family papers: Littleton, Gray, Tollemache, Millbank, Huskisson, Gurney, Boileau  1852-66

BR43  William Cowper Temple, Baron Mount Temple: correspondence  1814-91

BR44  William Cowper Temple, Baron Mount Temple: private correspondence, including with Ruskin  c.1822-1933

BR45  William Cowper Temple, Baron Mount Temple: notebooks  c.1860s-80s

BR46  Valentines purchased by W.W.Ashley; election badges of W.W.Ashley  n.d. c.1820-50, 1906

BR47  Mount Temple family papers, including a printed book Mount Temple Memorials  1863-1901

BR48  William Cowper Temple, Baron Mount Temple: private correspondence  1846-88

BR49  William Cowper Temple, Baron Mount Temple and wife Georgiana: Broadlands Conferences on the Higher Life (mystic and spiritual matters) correspondence, testimonials, pamphlets; notes on "The Shakers" 1875; notes on Ringwood meeting)  1874-88

BR50  William Cowper Temple, Baron Mount Temple: Broadlands Conferences Oliphant correspondence  1831-88


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