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Broadlands Archives BR101-136

Summary catalogues can be accessed in the useful downloads section below.

BR101 Broadlands: papers relating to fine art, furniture, illustrations, the library 1756-1933

BR102 Broadlands: catalogues of books, inventories of contents of Broadlands, lists of pictures 1758-1931

BR103 Broadlands: papers relating to the house and gardens, including a letter from Lancelot ["Capability"] Brown 1757-1960

BR104 Broadlands: visitors books 1869-1908
Book of offices of American army with photographs 1918

BR105  Broadlands: rentals  1744-1920

BR106  Broadlands: valuations of property in Hampshire  1737-1878, n.d.

BR107  Broadlands: draft leases  1674-1847

BR108  Broadlands: estate surveys  1723-1893

BR109  Hampshire: abstracts of title  1729-1900

BR110  Broadlands: schedules of deeds  1798-1953

BR111  Broadlands: estate correspondence  1718-1930

BR112  Broadlands: estate correspondence  1810-21

BR113  Broadlands: estate correspondence  1822-36

BR114  Broadlands: estate correspondence  1822-54

BR115  Broadlands: estate correspondence  1852-65

BR116  Hampshire properties: papers relating to land and property  1605-1841

BR117  Broadlands: estate maps and plans  1769-1856

BR118  Hampshire properties: papers relating to land and property  1683-1761

BR119  Hampshire properties: papers and accounts, including lists of employees and wages [BR 119/7]  1757-1920

BR120  Broadlands and Hampshire properties: estate accounts  1736-1920

BR121  Broadlands: estate papers  1768-1909

BR121a  Broadlands estate: papers relating to poaching and trespass, including for Charles Smith, poacher  1820-39, 1921

BR121b  Hampshire properties: sales catalogues  1885-1918

BR121c  Surrey: estate papers  seventeenth - nineteenth centuries

BR122  Hampshire properties: exchange of land  1823-37

BR123  Hampshire properties and elsewhere: estate papers (not Palmerston)  1854-96

BR124  English properties: papers  1720-1854

BR125  Northamptonshire properties: papers  1609-28

BR126  London properties: papers  1730-1907

BR127  London property: papers  1673-1868

BR128  London: Richmond Park and Sheen: correspondence, account of tables and pictures sent from Naples to East Sheen  1731-55

BR129  Manor of Romsey: papers, including surveys, list of freeholders, appointments  1695-1839

BR130  Romsey Abbey  1823-1907

BR131  Romsey Corporation (including Romsey market)  1820-1931

BR132  Romsey Corporation: patent granted to Lord Palmerston to change market day in Romsey from Saturday to Thursday  1826

BR133  Romsey: stewardship, etc.  1735-1802

BR134  Romsey: RDC, Burial Board, Gas and Coke Company  1857-1914

BR135  Middlebridge, Greatbridge: correspondence, papers, reports on Middlebridge, poem to Middlebridge by W.W.Ashley, coloured plan of improvements for Greatbridge  1782-1934

BR136  Romsey local history: papers, including extracts from manuscripts, details from parish registers, correspondence on the excavation of the site of Romsey Nunnery, programmes, photographs  c.1829-1937, n.d.


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