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Broadlands Archives BR153-210

BR153 Romsey Infra: presentments, views of frankpledge 1669-99

BR154 Romsey Infra: presentments, views of frankpledge 1700-27, 1740-50

BR155 Romsey Infra and court leet for the manor of King’s Somborne Hundred and hallimot: rentals, presentments 1607-1844

BR156 Hampshire properties, including the manor of Southwells and property in Nursling 1763-1895  [amalgamates all documents previously BR 156 and BR 161]

BR157  Broadlands estate and Romsey property: legal papers, including [BR157/79] the will of third Viscount Palmerston  1538-1892

BR158  Broadlands estate: title deeds  1543-1841

BR159  Mainstone manor at Pauncefoot Hill, Romsey Extra and Common Mainstone: title deeds  1739-1857

BR160  Middlebridge Street, Romsey, Mainstone manor at Pauncefoot Hill: title deeds  1685-1809

BR161  [now amalgamated as part of BR 156]

BR161a  Spursholt: title deeds

BR162  Romsey property, Scudamore: title deeds

BR162a  Ranvills, Ridge, Little Romsey, Romsey, Wellow: title deeds

BR163  Title deeds: Spursholt

BR163a  Toothill: title deeds

BR164  Castes Pound, East Grove, Roundabouts: title deeds

BR164a  Ashfield: title deeds

BR165  Lee: title deeds

BR166  Walden: title deeds

BR167  Woolls: title deeds

BR168  Ashfield: title deeds

BR169  Beggar’s Path, Broom Close, Godwins Croft, Fox Inn, Gunville, Church Street, Cupernham, Canal, Grenhay: title deeds

BR170  Mascolls, Mills, Market Place, Mill Street, Palmerston Street, Perriton, Priestlands, Steward’s Land: title deeds

BR170a  Hampshire and Romsey properties: papers

BR171  Hampshire and Wiltshire properties: title deeds

BR171a  The George’s Marks Common Field, Shawbridge, Sydenhams: title deeds

BR172  Wade Farm, Eling; Bushey Lease Farm, Romsey; Whitway; Wellow: title deeds

BR173  Hampshire, Hertforshire, Middlesex, Wiltshire, Yorkshire, Somerset, Surrey, Northamptonshire and Irish properties: title deeds

BR174  Spursholt: title deeds

BR174a  Wade Farm, Eling; Bushey Lease Farm; Whitenape; Romsey Extra: title deeds

BR175  Essex, Hertfordshire, Dorset, Devon, Warwickshire and Suffolk properties: title deeds

BR175a  Yorkshire: title deeds

BR176  Wrappers and covers

BR177   Agriculture: pamphlets, notes and treatises  c.1800-1905

BR178   Allotment leases  n.d. 1880s

BR179   Architectural drawings, plans and designs, including street plan, Westminster, 1739, printed plan of Don Pacifico’s house in Athens, 1850  1739-late nineteenth century

BR180   Art and exhibitions: catalogues, prospectuses and correspondence  c.1786-1888

BR181  Charities, including Romsey Almshouses, Romsey Penny Clothing Society: reports, papers  1801-1915

BR182  Defence: correspondence, map of the New Forest showing enclosures for growing navy timber, photographs, sketch plan of Belleville on Dublin Road, 1894, patriotic poem, n.d. seventeenth century  1777-1921, seventeenth century

BR183  Education, including Romsey Charities, Romsey Schools and Lady Palmerston’s Schools of Industry: accounts, papers  1792-1932

BR184  Welsh estate papers: correspondence, papers  c.1780, 1921-37

BR185  Emigration: essay on emigration  n.d.

BR186  Enclosure and tithe: printed copy of Romsey Extra Enclosure Act, accounts, awards, schedules of land, notices  1804-48

BR187  Engineering, industrial and commercial, including Welsh Slate Company and Berthon Boat Company, Romsey: papers  1835-1916

BR188  Historical events, British and foreign: papers, including [BR188/5] a copy of despatches from Colonel Campbell accompanying Napoleon Bonaparte from Fontainbleau to Elba in 1814, [BR188/6] report on the coronation of Queen Victoria, [BR188/9] translation of a Russian song about the quarrel with England, 1854, [BR188/14] silver jubilee papers, 1935  1744-1935

BR189  Legal papers and accounts for legal work  1706-1901

BR190   Poetry, anecdotes  [17]96-early twentieth century

BR191  Local elections: lists of freeholder, notices of election  1734-1934

BR192  Maps, including of Southern Italy made in consequence of invasion by Garabaldi’s troops  c.1800-1939

BR193  New Forest, Hampshire, including Evelyn Ashley as Official Verderer and W.W.Ashley as Member of Parliament  1801-1934

BR194  Official and tax papers, including certificates of oath for the quarter sessions  1708-1933

BR195  Parliamentary elections, including for the Southern Division, Hampshire, Lymington and Southampton and Portsmouth  1806-41, 1874, 1895

BR196  Poor law: reports, list of parishes in Romsey Union  1821-36

BR197  Public order: account of the Coventry Act and Waltham Black Act, requisition to the Mayor of Romsey concerning a peace force, 1826, photograph of the Romsey Division of the Hampshire Constabularly, 1914  late eighteenth century - 1914

BR198  Religion: booklets produced by the Religious Tract Society containing stories for Sunday School, paper listing East End churches, c.1870  late nineteenth century

BR199  Local societies and national societies  1836-1935

BR200  Coal and rail strikes: correspondence, photographs  1912-21

BR201  Transport including railway companies, canals, turnpike roads and air travel  1757-1940s

BR202  Order of Mortlake vestry, Surrey to discharge Peter Cook of a debt of £90  1727

BR203  World War I: letter to W.W.Ashley, Officer Commanding the Prison Guard, secret circular  1914

BR204  World War II: three notebooks of first aid lectures  1940s

BR205  Welsh Slate Company: correspondence, reports, weekly returns, stock account  1838-97

BR206  Newspapers and cuttings, including US newspapers, 1841, relating to the McLeod affair  c.1795-1935

BR207  Broadlands estate and family papers, including papers relating to the sale of Broadlands to the first Viscount Palmerston, photograph of Wilton House, with Lord and Lady Palmerston, Mr and Mrs Sidney Herbert

BR208  Sligo estate papers and family papers  1681-1802

BR209  Charter of Romsey Abbey  1392

BR210  Mortgage of the Manor of Romsey Infra  1584


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