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Data structure of Survey of Jewish Archives

For the purposes of information retrieval, the survey entries have been grouped into sections.

The first section contains an introduction to the survey. The other sections are:

(a) glossary
(b) Papers of Jewish individuals and families
(c) Papers of Jewish organisations and congregations
(d) Papers relating to wider communities and Jewish related subjects

Within sections, each record contains data arranged in the following order:

TITLE: This contains the subject of the survey entry.

A typical title section will look like this:


DATES: This contains the covering dates of the person, organisation or community, for example:


HISTORY: Gives a potted biography of individuals or history of an organisation


SOURCES: This sets out the sources for the information contained in the survey entries. These can be returns from the Jewish survey, denoted by the prefix of JS/ and the number of the questionnaire, catalogues or printed sources. An example would be:

JS/70; K Robson MS 175 PAPERS OF CHIEF RABBI J.H.HERTZ (1872-1946), 1853-1949 (University of Southampton Library Archive Lists, Catalogues and Guides Series: 3, Southampton, 1993)

SOTON PAPERS: Refers to material held amongst the Jewish archive holdings at the University of Southampton. This contains a brief description of the holdings followed by the reference for the collection. For example:

Correspondence, papers, reports, 1938-45 (ref: MS 175); Minute books, correspondence, papers, reports, documentation of refugees and for Kindertransport, 1938-49 (ref: MS 183)

OTHER PAPERS: This contains details of archive collections held at places other than Southampton. The description of the material is preceded by an acronym or abbreviated form and then the full name of the repository. There is a separate glossary of all acronyms.

LMA: LONDON METROPOLITAN ARCHIVES: Papers relating to the supply of prayer books to internment camps, 1940-6 (ref: ACC/2712/15/1986); United Synagogue papers relating to Chief Rabbi Joseph Herman Hertz and the American chapter of the Chief Rabbi's Religious Emergency Council, 1941-3 (ref: ACC/2712/15/2127 ACCESS RESTRICTED)

SUBJECTS, PLACES, NAMES: These sections contain additional descriptors, each associated with relevant covering dates, to cover subjects which were not defined in the description of the material and to express precisely places and names, titles, offices, etc. The terms do not form an index in the conventional sense, but are used to express concepts that would not otherwise be retrieved by free-text searching. Examples of entries are as follows:

Charity #from=1938 #to=1949

Refugees #from=1938 #to=1949

Germany #from=1939 #to=1945

LANGUAGES: This section contains information about the languages in which the material is written.

NOTES: This holds information on access restrictions to collections. e.g.:


REFERENCE: This is the title name of the survey entry in the form #Title=Chief Rabbi's Religious Emergency Council.

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