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The University of Southampton
ARTIC PC - Antibiotics for lower Respiratory Tract Infection in Children presenting in Primary Care

The ARTIC PC team

Artic PC study
Artic PC study

Who is involved?
This study is led by Professors Paul Little from the University of Southampton and Theo Verheij from Utrecht.

 The study will be supported by Dr Gillian O'Reilly as project manager in Southampton together with a coordinator Natalie Thompson and administrator Charlotte Hookham.

We are joined and supported by Dr Nick Francis , Dr Joanne Euden coordinator and Catherine Aymar administrator at Cardiff University, along with Professor Alastair Hay and Kate Rawley coordinator at the University of Bristol.

The collaborators are international leaders in respiratory infection research, including paediatric respiratory research, and additionally have paediatric trials expertise.

Our target is to  recruit at least 938 children into the trial part of the project.

If you would like to know more please  see the Southampton page (Southampton is the lead centre) or email


Professor Paul Little
Professor Theo Verheij
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