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The University of Southampton
Autonomous Systems

Sodick SLC 600G

Built-in AI and electric-discharge machining technologies


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The Sodick SLC 600G wire-cut EDM machine uses Linear Drive technology and has an integrated circuit for motion control. It has the advantage of a ceramic work zone and features a  triple filtration system.

x = 600 mm, y = 40 mm, z = 350 mm
UN Axis Travel = 150 mm x 150 mm

The Smart Pulse Generator drastically reduces the number of cuts necessary to achieve the required accuracy and surface finish, compared with conventional machines. This reduction in time translates directly into financial advantages. To capitalise on the advances of the digital Smart Pulse generator and Sodick’s linear motor system, a new mechanical design was required. This new design resulted in a compact and fully enclosed machine tool which furthermore uses the latest human interface with a 19-inch touch screen control. This new large TFT colour screen allows operation similar to smart phone and tablets.





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