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The University of Southampton
BARS 2013: Romantic Imports and Exports


'The Quadrille and Cotillion Panorama'- an Interactive Concert

Friday 26th July at 7.30.  Turner Sims Concert Hall, University of Southampton


Talk - Concert - Workshop

 Katrina Faulds, fortepiano

Sally Petchey, Mistress of Ceremonies

Dance Ensemble La Belle Assemblée

Dance Band M. Crouch's Band


During a short concert talk Southampton musicologist Katrina Faulds will explore the themes of export and import in early nineteenth-century social dancing.  In English ballrooms the complexity and refinement of French quadrilles and cotillions became particularly popular as they were danced merrily alongside the ever-popular English country dances.  The tension between English and continental influences extended to all aspects of the dance, with French dancing masters frequently directing dancing lessons for the aristocracy, and French and German-speaking instrumentalists leading the dance bands.  

But the most popular music did not only cross geographical boundaries; it also transgressed social boundaries as popular, folk-like tunes became the basis for refined footwork and fingerwork in compositions designed for the leisured domestic market. At the same time, 'high art' music taken from the most popular operas and symphonies across Europe was re-written to fit the tempo and metre of the dance.  

Katrina will perform some of this little known and astonishing repertoire on the fortepiano, before joining students and staff from the Department of Music to accompany La Belle Assemblée in performing selected works.

Delegates will then be given the opportunity to take to the dance floor to learn how to dance country dances, cotillions and quadrilles in what will be a fun-filled evening of Regency dance.


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