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The University of Southampton
BARS 2013: Romantic Imports and Exports


"When a traveller is in a strange place ...": perspectives on romanticism and revolution, 1790-1840

Arranged to coincide with the Fifth Wellington Congress, 5-7 April 2013, and the British Association for Romantic Studies Congress, 25-28 July 2013, the forthcoming Special Collections exhibition focuses on new ideas of romanticism and revolution, and their currency in Britain and the Continent.  Its perspectives are those of eyewitnesses: to revolution, of those who took part in the struggles for independence, and those who travelled Europe in homage to bravery and in search of the picturesque, appreciating the beauties of nature, as well as those who brought back its ideas in publications, or who resisted their introduction from motives of self-presevation, patriotism or common sense.

The exhibition will run from the 8 April - 17 May, 17-21 June, 5 July, 15-26 July, 2013.  On the 27 July the exhibition will be open from 14:00-16:00 for the benefit of conference delegates.

Where to find the Gallery :

The Special Collections Gallery is situated on Level 4 of the Hartley Library, University of Southampton. The Library is on the east side of the University Road, on the University's Highfield campus .

Opening hours:

During exhibitions the Special Collections Gallery is open to the public Monday to Friday 1000 to 1600. Admission is free. Visitors may be asked for proof of identity by Library Reception staff.

On Saturday 27 July the exhibition will be open from 14:00-16:00 for conference delegates.

For further information please click on the following link:

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