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Parents & carers

Why are we doing this research?


Children with eczema are advised to regularly use emollients (non-cosmetic moisturisers that you leave on the skin). Some doctors and nurses also recommend using bath emollients (products that you add to the bath) but there is no evidence about whether these help and it is possible that they cause harm. For instance they might cause skin irritation for some children and they may cause accidents through making the bath slippery.

We would like to answer the question whether adding emollients to the bath help children with eczema or not.

All children taking part in this study will be allocated to one of two treatment groups either (1) usual care for eczema with bath emollient, or (2) usual care for eczema without bath emollient. In order to make the study a fair test children will be placed into these two groups by chance (through randomisation). Parents or carers from both groups are then asked to complete questionnaires for a year to find out how their child's eczema is.

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