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Biological Sciences

School of Biological Sciences launches new Imaging and Microscopy Centre (IMC) website

Published: 29 August 2009
Imaging and Microscopy Centre

Image acquisition, analysis and training to users from within and outside the University

The School of Biological Sciences is pleased to announce the launch of a new website to promote its Imaging and Microscopy service at

The Imaging and Microscopy Centre (IMC) at the School of Biological Sciences is a central research facility which is equipped with two confocal microscopes and a range of widefield fluorescence microscopes. The Centre offers image acquisition, image analysis and training to users from within the University as well as to external users. Centrepiece of the IMC is a Leica SP2 confocal microscope with multiphoton laser and an extension allowing for Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS).

The Centre will continue to offer its services at a discounted rate to University users. Students and staff wishing to take advantage of the service should contact Mark Willett email:

Postgraduate researcher Helen Watson uses the IMC’s confocal microscope in her research into protein trafficking for her third year thesis.

Helen’s research into the localisation of proteins in subcellular compartments requires a confocal microscope to show where the proteins are located within a cell.  “You can tag your protein of interest in green and tag a marker for a certain compartment in red, then use the confocal microscope to see if they are in the same place,” she says.  “I couldn’t complete my thesis without it.”

See Helen using the confocal microscope and view the Centre’s facilities at

IMC is currently located on Boldrewood Campus (Building 62, level 6), but will relocate in 2010 to the Highfield Campus where it will form part of the research core of the new Institute for Life Sciences.

PhD students Helen Watson and Enrico Freschet
IMC confocal microscope

I couldn't complete my thesis without the IMC's confocal microscope.

Helen Watson - PhD student researching into protein trafficking
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