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The University of Southampton
Biological Sciences

Honoured for explaining complex research

Published: 3 October 2012

PhD student James Fuller has been honoured in a Medical Research Council (MRC) competition to encourage accessible science writing.

James, who is working with both Dr Jessica Teeling from the Centre for Biological Sciences and Professor Martin Glennie of the Faculty of Medicine wrote about his research to find a treatment for Alzheimer's Disease. The judges of the Max Perutz Award said his essay was highly commended.

"I have always been interesting in communicating science to a wider audience," says James. "It's good practice to write up your research for non-scientific readers and I was delighted to reach the final of the competition."

James Fuller and fellow shortlisted entrants for the 2012 Award
Max Perutz Science Writing Award

The Max Perutz Award was developed by the MRC 15 years ago to encourage its scientists to communicate their research to a wider audience. Entrants are asked to explain why their research matters in just 800 words.

The award is named in honour of one of the UK's most outstanding scientists and communicators, Dr Max Perutz. Max, who died in 2002, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1962 for his work using X-ray crystallography to study the structures of globular proteins

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