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Biological Sciences

Genome-wide association study welcomes Dr Giovanni Emiliani

Published: 5 June 2013

Welcome to Dr Giovanni Emiliani who works for CNR, the National Research Council of Italy in the Trees and Timber Institute (TTI-CNR).

Dr Adrienne Payne and Mike Allwright
Research team

Giovanni is visiting the laboratory of Gail Taylor for two months,  to work on a Genome Wide Association Study, with Dr Adrienne Payne and BBSRC funded student, Mike Allwright, linking biofuel traits in poplar to their underlying genes. This work is part of the energypoplar ( and watbio ( research projects funded by FP7.

Dr Giovanni Emiliani
EnergyPoplar research project
WATBIO research project
BBSRC are funding student Mike Allwright
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