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Biological Sciences

Are human and mouse neocortical microcircuits similar? Event

Southampton Neuroscience Group
17:00 - 18:00
29 January 2015
Building 85 Room 2207

For more information regarding this event, please email Mariana Vargas-Caballero at .

Event details

Neuroscience & Institute for Life Sciences seminar The neocortex in our brain stores long-term memories by changing the strength of connections between neurons. The rules and mechanisms that govern activity-induced synaptic changes have been widely studied in model organisms, Huib Mansveder and his group have pioneered the analysis of live human cortical tissue surplus from neurosurgery to apply our existing knowledge to the understanding how human brain circuits work.

Please join us for a wine reception after the seminar.

Speaker information

Professor Huib Mansvelder,VU University Amsterdam,Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences (Integrative Neurophysiology)

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