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The University of Southampton
Biological Sciences

Proteomics of Sex Event

Proteomics of Sex
13:00 - 14:00
14 December 2016
Nightingale Building 67, Room 1007, Highfield Campus

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Selina Barry on 24794 or email .

Event details

Biological Sciences Seminar Series Programme 2016 - 2017


Abstract: Most of evolutionary biology and animal behaviour is about sex! Sex is, in part, mediated through proteins and their interactions with other proteins. Thus, the study of proteins involved in topics such as sexual reproduction, sperm competition, mate selection and inbreeding avoidance could provide valuable new insights into the drivers of speciation and evolution.

In my talk I will explore how successful collaborations between protein chemists and evolutionary biologists can yield new insights in this area. The biologists bring the big ideas, while the protein chemists find sneaky and novel ways to test their hypotheses, developing a truly interdisciplinary team approach – a model of modern biological research. I will target my talk towards the biologist, make few assumptions about the technical level of understanding of protein chemistry or mass spectrometry, and illustrate throughout with some fascinating studies we have conducted with the Mammalian Behaviour and Evolution Group here in Liverpool. If there is time I’ll discuss the recipe for a productive collaboration across these two disciplines.

Speaker information

Professor Rob Beynon,University of Liverpool,Professor Beynon's main areas of research are in the areas of protein chemistry, proteomics, proteolysis, and proteolytic enzymes, with emphasis on proteome quantification and the understanding protein dynamics on a global, proteome wide scale and of developing relevant methods in intact animals and complex systems.

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