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The University of Southampton
Biological Sciences

Alasdair Davies Event

Turtle on a beach
5 December 2018
Building 35 Room 1005

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Data derived from the long-term monitoring of species and their habitats continues to predict that we will witness their irreversible loss if we don’t succeed in understanding how our actions today, and in the future, will affect all living things that share our only home. Frustratingly, many of the conservation technologies available to scientists and researchers are all too commonly closed, inherently expensive, or locked behind prohibitive licences. Alasdair Davies, a Senior Technical Advisor to the Zoological Society of London and Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow has experimented with a new model and approach to unlock access. Alasdair will share his experiences and insights deploying conservation technologies globally, and will highlight how a new approach to manufacturing and distributing open source technologies could benefit us all.

Speaker information

Alasdair Davies,Technical Advisor,Zoological Society of London

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