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The University of Southampton
Biological Sciences

Cryomicroscopy of Proteins and Cells Seminar

17:00 - 18:30
26 April 2010
Boldrewood, Lecture Theatre 5, School of Biological Sciences, Boldrewood Campus Refreshments available after the seminar. Parking. Disabled access.

Event details

Unravelling the structure of biological molecules - key structures involved in membrane transport and viral infection.

Our speaker is Peter Rosenthal from the National Institute of Medical research. Peter is a physicist trained in biophysical approaches used to unravel structure of biological molecules. His current focus is on approaches that allow key structures involved in membrane transport or viral infection.

Peter is working at the exciting interface which is trying to resolve sub-micron (nanostructure) of protein complexes or membrane organelles in native (non fixed/hydrated) environments. The work should be informative to those interested in the current cryo technologies as applied to viruses and cell biology. The biological focus include influenza virus and membrane organelles that underpin endothelial cell function respectively.

Speaker information

Dr Peter Rosenthal, National Institute for Medical Research. The Rosenthal group studies the architecture of protein assemblies and membranes by cryomicroscopy.

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