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The University of Southampton
Biological Sciences

Predicting, Prolonging and Promoting Neural Health Seminar

09:00 - 16:45
23 September 2010
Building 30 (Chemistry) Building 38 (Hartley Suite) Both on the Highfield Campus, University of Southampton

For more information regarding this seminar, please telephone Debbie Buck on +44(0)23 8079 5358 or email .

Event details

The 8th Annual SoNG (Southampton Neuroscience Group) meeting

Programme for the day

With contributions from SoNG members and a keynote lecture from Professor John Rothwell from the UCL Institute of Neurology, the meeting will focus on the ageing brain and nervous system with relevance to biological markers of neural ageing, predicting neural decline and the means towards prolonging neural health. The meeting will conclude with a thought provoking lecture from our guest speaker, neuroscientist and philosopher, Professor Raymond Tallis.

The day will incorporate a general neuroscience poster session open to ALL aspects of neuroscience research in Southampton.

09:00-09.30 Registration and Coffee (Lower Foyer, Chemistry Building 30)

09.30-09.40 Welcome and Introduction

09.40-10.15 "Exploring change in memory for objects and their locations with age", Professor Simon Liversedge, School of Psychology

10.15-10.50 "Protein misfolding in the ageing brain: what shall we do? ”, Dr Andreas Wyttenbach, School of Biological Sciences

10.50- 11.20 Coffee/Posters (The Hartley Suite, Building 38)

11.20-11.55 “Understanding and repairing macular degeneration”, Professor Andrew Lotery, School of Medicine

11.55-12.30 "Clinical and kinematic investigation of motor impairment of the trunk in people after stroke", Dr Geert Verheyden, School of Health Sciences

12.30-14.00 Lunch/Posters (The Hartley Suite, Building 38)

14.00-14.35 “Alzheimer's Disease: a multifactorial condition of the ageing blood vessels”, Dr Roxana Carare, School of Medicine

14.35-15.20 The KEYNOTE LECTURE will be given by Professor John Rothwell (Professor of Human Neurophysiology, UCL Institute of Neurology). “Using TMS to understand and modulate the role of motor cortex in learning and rehabilitation”

15.20-16.00 Tea/Posters (Hartley Suite, Building 38)

16.00-16.45 The GUEST SPEAKER will be Professor Raymond Tallis; “Why Neuroscience will Never Explain Consciousness”. Professor Tallis is a Southampton alumnus (Wessex Neurological Centre), Emeritus Professor of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Manchester, Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, former government advisor and acclaimed author and philosopher.

16.45 Closing Remarks and poster prizes, Professor Lindy Holden-Dye; Wine Reception (Building 30)


Although this event is free to attend, please email Debbie Buck to register.

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