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The University of Southampton
Biological Sciences

Diabetes and ‘bloody’ islets Seminar

27 February 2012
Building 85, Seminar room 2207

For more information regarding this seminar, please telephone Beatrice Murphy on 023 8059 5374 or email .

Event details

Dr Claire Clarkin, recipient of a Diabetes Foundation–Diabetes UK Joint Training Fellowship, will present her research in islet transplantation, a current treatment and known cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

Islet transplantation is a current treatment and known cure for Type 1 Diabetes. A confounding factor for this therapy is the loss of islet function during the early post-transplantation period because of deleterious responses of the avascular transplanted islets to a hypoxic environment. This has detrimental effects on the outcome of individual grafts, while the clinical response of administering multiple grafts to achieve normoglycaemia exacerbates the scarcity of donor tissue. Enhancing the rate at which islet grafts establish an adequate blood supply should improve the immediate function of the graft material and is central to our studies.

Diabetes and 'bloody' islets
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