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Biological Sciences

Research Group: Molecular and Cellular Biosciences

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Our research is aimed at understanding how cells become specialised, communicate with each other and respond to the environment, leading to an impact on the development of cancer, neurological diseases and the function of the immune system. The Molecular and Cellular Biosciences research group has a strong emphasis on integrating how molecular interactions between proteins and small molecules, defined at atomic resolution, govern biochemical output and in turn control cell behaviour.

Molecular and Cellular Biosciences

Research within Molecular and Cellular Biosciences provides a natural training environment for the next generation of scientists by combining molecular, biochemical, gene editing and imaging approaches with structural biology to enable state-of-the-art investigations into complex mechanisms of fundamental biology.

We are based in the purpose-built Life Sciences Building that houses extensive facilities including proteomics and bioimaging providing a range of mass spectrometers and modern microscopes including confocal and multiphoton instruments.

Our researchers pursue a range of interests including:

  • the molecular organisation of proteins and nucleic acids
  • cell signalling pathways controlling gene expression, autophagy and cell growth
  • mechanisms of chromosome segregation
  • the structure and function of the immune system, plant growth and environmental interactions
  • membrane proteins and cellular function 

Our research also provides experimental platforms to develop strong cross collaborative studies with other research areas within the Institute for Life Sciences and with researchers across the University, such as working with our colleagues in Medicine to exploit structural and functional studies on molecules of the immune system to understand how cancer cells evade the immune system.

Cellular Systems Biology
Cellular Systems Biology
Molecular & Cellular Biosciences
Molecular & Cellular Biosciences

If you are interested in joining us either to study or to become part of our research team please select the relevant link below for further information.

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