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Research project: Calcium Pump Targeting

Currently Active: 

Calcium plays a major role in controlling a number of intracellular processes and calcium pumps have a key role to play in this ensuring that calcium stores are loaded and that cytoplasmic calcium levels are returned to basal levels following calcium release.

Sarcolipin: calcium pump modulator

We are currently investigating the way in which calcium pumps and their modulators, phospholamban and sarcolipin, are targeted to the relevant organelles in cells (see image). This work involves the use of cDNA cloning to produce chimeric calcium pumps which consist of both endoplasmic reticulum calcium pumps and plasma membrane calcium pumps. These chimeras will be used to identify the signals which guide the pumps to these two cellular locations.

The image shows localisation of a calcium pump modulator, sarcolipin, revealed by tagging the pump with green fluorescent protein and expressing it in COS cells

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