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Research project: Grant - Charting Intercellular Space

Currently Active: 

The principal aim of this project is to demonstrate sensing in the extracellular/intercellular space using functionalized quantum dots. Spatial and temporal information on intercellular concentrations will allow us to study how analyte concentrations in the EICS are linked to physiological status.

The extracellular/intercellular space (EICS) surrounding a cell is a functional continuation of the cell itself. In tissues it consists of highly constrained and tortuous spaces where cell identities mingle and chemical signatures reflect cell function. Abnormal chemical behavior in the EICS is linked to disease. Yet the EICS remains poorly understood and we have limited tools available to examine it with precision. The principal aim of this project is to demonstrate sensing in the EICS. This will be achieved by combining innovative synthetic chemistry and semiconductor band gap technology. Spatial and temporal information on intercellular ion concentrations will establish the links between analyte concentrations and physiological status.

Funding: 2011 – 2013 Australian Research Council Discovery Project (DP120104035): Charting Intercellular Space M. H. Todd, P. J. Rutledge and P. J. Smith ($348K) Univ. of Sydney, Aust.

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