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Biological Sciences

Research project: Estimating the net economic consequences of losing pollination services

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This project aims at estimating the economic, ecological cultural and social consequences of the decline of pollinators to human well-being.

The main objective of this research is to devise a new, rapid and scientifically robust method for the measurement and valuation of pollination services (both insect and non-insect) provided by natural and semi-natural habitat, which will assist decision making at a fine scale. This new methodology will be incorporated into the Toolkit for Ecosystem Services Site-based assessment (TESSA) and piloted in the field.

This project will also use systematic review methodologies to quantify the contribution of vertebrate pollinators on the reproductive success of plants worldwide.

Fabrizia Ratto
Fabrizia Ratto

Funding Provider: Biological Sciences and Institute for Life Sciences
Funding Dates: June 2014 - June 2017
Supervisors: Dr Kelvin Peh, Prof Guy Poppy, Prof Sally Brailsford

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