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Research project: Vitacress Research Unit: Improving the quality and healthy-giving benefits of baby salad leaves

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The long-standing relationship between the University of Southampton and Vitacress forms the basis of the Vitacress Research Unit (VRU). Vitacress are committed to delivering high quality leaves, with market-leading appearance, flavour, nutrition and shelf-life, using sustainable agronomic practices.

Vitacress specialises in watercress, salads and herbs across Europe.
A multidisciplinary approach is used to support sustainable production

The VRU captures expertise from one of Europe's leading suppliers of fresh produce with that of the University of Southampton and University of California, Davis. Work within the VRU combines advanced genomic approaches with novel agronomic technologies to investigate the genomic and physiological mechanisms underlying key quality and growth traits. In particular, we focus on improving production in the future where resources will be under increasing pressure from all sectors. We are using this underpinning knowledge to inform both agronomic management and molecular breeding programmes.


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