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The University of Southampton
Biological Sciences

Research project: Mammalian Neurodegeneration

Currently Active: 

Our work has shown that it is feasible analyse organotypic neural cultures from transgenic animals, allowing us to analyse the processes underlying neurodegenerative changes in neuronal network function.

We and others have shown that pretreatment can alter the linkage of insult to neurodegeneration. We have also shown that the source of Ca++ is important in determining the consequence for mitochondria and neuronal survival. We have extended this work into organotypic cultures of mammalian CNS which provide a more realistic model of CNS function. Our research moved on to the use of Hi-spot culture, dense assemblages of CNS neurones in-vitro that form complex functional networks. We have been characterised this system through collaboration with Vincent O’Connor and Hugh Perry and have developed methods to examine their properties biochemically, optically and electrophysiologically. The application of transfection methods put us in a position to examine the functional consequences of pathological perturbations on the properties of the system. This work has also been extended to the use of neural cells derived from transgenic animals allowing us to further refine our analyses of the processes involved in neurodegenerative conditions.

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