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The University of Southampton
Biological Sciences

Research project: Mechanisms of DNA damage and repair in mature oocytes

Currently Active: 

Understanding how mammalian oocytes sense and repair damage to their DNA.

Fully grown Germinal Vesicle (GV) stage mouse oocytes can respond to DNA damage by arresting at metaphase of meiosis I. This arrest is caused by persistent activation of the Spindle Assembly Checkpoint, which prevents meiotic exit by inhibiting the major cell cycle controller of M-phase, the Anaphase Promoting Complex (APC). This project investigates the interaction of two important checkpoint processes that usually are not seen as connected: the DNA damage checkpoint (which normally operates in G2 of the cell cycle) and the Spindle Assembly Checkpoint (SAC; which functions in M-phase).

Funding: BBSRC Project Grant 2014-2017

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