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The University of Southampton
Biological Sciences

Research project: Rapid assessment of biodiversity and biogeochemical processing across tropical land-use gradients

Currently Active: 

The interactions between the flora, fauna and abiotic environment that form an ecosystem and how anthropogenic disturbance can alter these interactions.

Land use change from forest habitats to Oil palm has been occurring rapidly and across vast acreages in the tropics over the last 50 years. It is important we understand the differences between forest and oil palm ecosystems and how they function. We also need to strive to maintain ecosystem health and functionality in oil palm to allow for improved and continued agricultural production without the need for additional deforestation.

This project focusses on the biodiversity and function of oil palm and forest soils under different management and stand ages. I will also explore additional ecological questions about tropical soil food webs.

Funding: NERC

Funding dates: January 2015 - July 2018

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