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Research project: Understanding microglial dynamics in the healthy and ageing brain

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We aim to define how microglial cells control their numbers and phenotype during healthy ageing.

Microglial cells are the resident immune cells of the brain and play crucial roles in the regulation of normal and pathological neural functions. This PhD project aims at studying the balance of the numbers of microglial cells from development to ageing, to better understand the roles of these cells in the brain, through a multidisciplinary approach using in vivo models, genetic molecular tools and behavioural analysis of brain function.

Different states of activation of microglial cells in the brain
Different states of activation of microglial cells in the brain

Supervisors: Diego Gomez-Nicola, Mark S Cragg, V. Hugh Perry
Funding Provider: Vice-chancellor and CfBS studentships
Funding Dates: 10/2015-09/2018

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