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Research project: Using transcriptomics to understand adaptation and speciation in an island radiation

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The evolutionary outcomes of hybridisation can range from being of little consequence to the origin of entirely new species. In some cases, hybridisation is rare, but if the hybrids exhibit adaptation to a novel habitat they can be maintained as a new species. These scenarios are ideal for understanding the intersection between adaptation, migration, hybridisation and speciation.

Project Overview

The project will specifically address three questions:

  • Hybrid species exhibit an amalgam of genomic segments from the parental species; to what extent is gene expression inherited and/or modified in this hybrid species?
  • Which genomic segments loci are inherited from which parent and is this repeatable?
  • What are the phylogenetic and population genetic relationships between all the Argyranthemum species?
Argyranthemum frutescens

Funding: UoS/NHM
Funding Duration: January 2015 - December 2017


Dr Mark Chapman
Dr Mark Carine (NHM)
Dr Tom Ezard



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