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The University of Southampton
Biomedical Imaging Unit

Digital and Virtual Microscopy

Think Google EarthTM for microscope slides! Virtual microscopy systems allow you to scan an entire slide or selected regions of a slide at a chosen magnification and then zoom in and out and navigate around the scanned slide. Scans are stored as individual image tiles which are assembled / montaged on the fly for low band width, high resolution viewing. Our systems are equipped with adjustable sensitivity tissue content recognition and manual override. Our high throughput system can combine 4 channel fluorescent imaging with brightfield or phase contrast imaging (selected magnifications only).

Explore a sample of scanned images here.


Olympus dotSlide Digital Microscope System
Olympus dotSlide Virtual Microscopy System

 Olympus dotSlide Virtual Microscopy System (x3)

Olympus VS110 High Throughput Slide Scanner
Olympus VS110 High Throughput Slide Scanner with Fluorescence

 Olympus VS110 high throughput Virtual Microscopy System

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